Principal: Ms. Ng Pui Shan

Whats your expectation for your children? is it to acquire knowledge, to be discipline, to social? Regardless everyone has their expectations and standards. Every child is unique and they shouldn’t be compared to and I believe that god has blessed every child with their own traits. Most of all is to allow children to explore their trait to enjoy and cherish life. Have you ever thought of how to allow your child to fully play in to their talent and to enjoy life? I believe that most importantly allowing your child to grow and learn base on their strength and interest will reinforce their self-confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Therefore at our school our model of teaching hopes to cater to children’s interest and to borden their horizon with relation to their interest. Through “Topic discovery group learning” children exlpore the topic while our teacher observe children’s interest over discussion and their understanding of their surroundings in order to create learning content that expands on children’s interest. Moreover, to create a topic for in-depth study with the topic based upon children’s interest. Let children research the topic then analyze and verifiy with their peers and teachers then with the help of everyone organize the information afterwards sharing their findings with their peers. As you can see, the whole process is done and lead by the children with the teachers acting as a supporting character. Not only will the children learn but also raise their interest. Essentially through the whole process they will aquire knowledge from various sources, socialize , work with others, learn to respect others, etc.

I believe that if children could develop a spirit of inquiry through discovery activities and learn to find the answers on ther own thats the fundamental of self-learning. We hope that in the 3 years of RLK school life, with the regard of having the most respect for the children we can help the children strive, grow happily and love to learn as to equip them for a life long journey of learning.