Parent Education

We hold subject talks to equip parents with the skills of helping their children understand and manage their emotional, social and behavioural problems, as well as the skills of boosting their children’s emotional intelligence.

Two parent-education programmes on two different themes were held by our social worker in the current school year. The first of which was a parenting skills programme, which covered the causes of behaviour problems in children, basic skills of establishing and consolidating positive behaviour, and ways to prevent and deal with negative behaviour. Through group discussions, role-plays and applying learnings in real-life situations, the programme equips parents with 20 parenting skills applicable to different situations, thus enabling parents to raise their children in a way that they grow up to be happy individuals demonstrating positive behaviour. Another programme, named “Turning into Lids”, was designed to enhance parents’ emotional management skills, which can facilitate parents’ interaction with their children for boosting their emotional intelligence and behaviour management skills.

Parent-child Activities & Volunteering

An activity teaching parents to utilise everyday items, small toys and commonly used materials for play was held by our social worker for K1 students and their parents in the 1st semester. Through the activity, parents learnt how to create their own games using everyday items instead of electronic devices to bond with their children. 

A wide range of parent-child volunteer activities are also held every year, including visits to elderly centres and flag selling, to provide families with the opportunities to show care for people in need in society and enjoy the fun of serving the community, and at the same time to bring benefits to more people in need. 

We also joined the flag-raising activity held by Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service on 2 November 2019 (Sat). The activity taught children about the concepts of volunteer work and provided opportunities for our students and their parents to bond with each other. The activity received an enthusiastic response, with more than 100 parent-child pairs participating. 

Parent Volunteers

We provide a diverse range of parent volunteer work, with an increase in the number of parent volunteers every year. Volunteer work includes helping teachers look after children during site visits, making teaching tools and materials, and assisting in preparing or organising school activities or festive activities. For example, regarding a fund-raising activity on the school open day, parent volunteers can help with managing fundraising products and decorating the stalls as well as be a helper on that day; regarding a Chinese New Year fair at school, parent volunteers can help with decorating the stalls and running the stalls to ensure children can experience the boisterous atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Parents volunteers also assist in making costumes and props for the K3 graduation ceremony. Through heaps of volunteering opportunities, parent volunteers can gain a deeper understanding of our school operation and culture, and develop a sense of belongingness to our school.

Parents Group

Parents Group

Infused with elements based on parents’ interests and Christianity elements, Parents Group offers a variety of activities designed to cater for parents’ interests, such as ball games, board games, sharing cooking tips, and handicrafts. Some of the activities will have parents as the instructor to teach or share their experiences with other parents, thus allowing parents to learn from each other, unleash their potential and put their skills to use. Fellowship elements such as praying, singing hymns and sharing bible stories are incorporated into the activity as a way to spread God’s love to parents. Parents Group is held during school hours, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, to ensure parents of students enrolled in either morning or afternoon classes can join it. Parents Group aims to provide opportunities for parents to take part in school activities and help parents relieve their stress in being a parent and a caretaker. It is also our hope that through joining the activities, parents can build a support network with other, as well as get to share and interact with each other as they partcipate in the fellowship group held regularly.