Student Counselling Services

Our school has been partnering with Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service since 2010 to provide all-rounded counselling services for our students. Adhering to the principle of “early identification and intervention”, we provide a diversity of counselling and support services for our students, parents and teachers in order to create a pleasant and healthy learning environment for them to grow and enjoy.

  1. Take care of students’ needs at different stages of development
  2. Facilitate students’ personal and social development
  3. Provide professional advice and counselling assistance to teachers
  4. Promote home-school cooperation and parent education
All-Rounded Counselling Services

Include the following:

A) School Social Work Service

Our school has one social worker stationed on campus full-time to provide school-based counselling services for students with individual, social and academic needs. Assistance will also be provided to parents and teachers.

Contact information of our school social worker:

Name: Ms. Lee Yuen Ha

Operating hours: 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (Monday to Friday)

Parents are welcomed to meet with our school social worker during the operating hours or contact her by phone for any concerns.

B) Student Counselling Service

Through daily interactions and observations, our school social worker identifies children with special needs at their early stages. He or she also provides assistance to students with learning needs, emotional or behaviourial problems resulted from family factors or other changes. Through working with teachers and appropriate interventions, our school social worker can help alleviate students’ negative emotions and build their resilience.

C) Personal Growth Education

Our school social worker conducts personal growth education (PGE) in lessons to promote students’ personal, social and moral development, thereby unleashing their potentials and guiding them to learn more about themselves, take a positive attitude towards challenges in life and apply effective strategies to solve problems. The objectives of personal growth education are as follows:

♦ A comprehensive and systematic personal growth education programme to promote students’ personal growth and moral development;
♦ Intensive programmes and supplemental programmes to enrich learning experiences;
♦ Identify students with questions regarding the topics and provide them with early assistance.
♦ Conducted in each class. Each lesson lasts for about 30 minutes. Each class has 10 PGE lessons in a school year.

D) Student Growth & Development Services

We hold growth groups and growth workshops focusing on different themes in children’s development to nurture positive values and behaviour in students. Play-based and interactive activities are incorporated to put forward the learning themes and to enhance students’ learning abilities, and thus unleash students’ potentials and enable them to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have acquired in their everyday lives.

E) Objectives of Student Growth Groups

♦ Develop students’ interests in the activities, increase their motivation in learning and unleash their potentials;

♦ Identify students with special learning needs and provides them with further assistance;

♦ Nurture and train students’ ability to learn in order to help them cope with their studies in the future.

♦ There are 6 growth groups in a school year, including emotional education, social skills (held in both the 1st the 2nd semester), problem-solving, concentration skills and adaptation to primary school.

F) Objectives of Student Growth Workshops

♦ Develop students’ interests in the activities, increase their motivation in learning and unleash their potentials;

♦ Assist students in facing and coping with challenges they face during their growth and help them develop good mental health.

♦ Conducted in each grade. 2 sessions are held for each grade in a school year. Each session lasts for about an hour.

G) Support Services for Parents

Our school social worker provides professional advice and consultation services for parents in order to help parents meet their children’s needs at different stages. Parent education activities, e.g. parenting talks and parent-child activities, are also held regularly to emphasize the significant role of parents and to facilitate parent-child communication, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere in the family.

♦ Parenting talks for the whole school / Parenting workshops for different grades

♦ Parenting talks enable parents to learn more about parenting and implement the skills they have learnt;

♦ Speakers share their insights over the skills of communicating with children and the skills of parenting.

♦In a school year, 2 different parenting talks will be held for the whole school and 3 different parenting workshops will be held for each grade.

H) Parent-Child Activities

♦ Workshops and outdoor activities, e.g. interactive games and group activities;

♦ Diverse activities to facilitate parent-child communication and encourage both parents and children to learn from each other;

♦ 2 different parent-child activities are held in a school year, including a parent-child day trip and EQ Fun Day.

I) Parent Volunteering

♦ To create a discussion platform between parents and the school or among the parents to build a stronger parent-school relationship

♦ Organize gatherings for parent volunteers and provide voluntary assistance to school regularly