Everyday life is full of eye use. Adults and children do eye exercises together.

Many children today spend a lot of time looking at computers, phones, or reading, which can strain their eyes. There are some acupoint massages that can help children relieve eye strain. The first acupoint we’ll introduce is the “Zan Chuk” point. It’s located at the very front end of the eyebrows, about half an inch downward, at the corner of the eye socket. Another acupoint is called the “Jing Ming” point. It’s located at the side of the nasal bridge, right in the middle between the two eyes, near the inner edge of each eye. The third point is the “Si Pak” point, which is about 1 inch below the eyes, roughly the width of two

The “small gestures” of education make children soar in the ideal sky

Some people say that the diploma a child will earn in the future is at least a capital that will allow them to establish themselves in society, ensuring they do not face the increasingly competitive life ahead with empty hands. Some say that a child’s good manners and graceful behavior serve as the family’s advertisement, even if they don’t possess extraordinary abilities, at least it guarantees that they won’t go astray. There are also those who say that they have too many regrets in their own lives, that their dreams have always been washed away by the harsh realities, and with better living conditions now, they will never let tragedy repeat itself in their children, wanting

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